2020 Annual Meeting


American Fisheries Society


Bend, Oregon  

March 3-6, 2020

The 2020 Annual Meeting marks the 56th anniversary of the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. The theme of the program is “Beyond Resilience.”  The core purpose of this meeting is to encourage attendees to think beyond simply attempting to resist or mitigate against disturbance and disorder but to consider how to thoughtfully and intentionally create, support and sustain integrated systems (social, political, economic and ecological) that can benefit and thrive under increasing disturbance and disorder. 

  • Plenary speakers: Herman Wanninger, Founder of World Fish Migration Day, on advocating and promoting diverse, connected aquatic systems. Gordon Reeves, Emeritus Research Fish Ecologist at the Pacific Northwest Research Station in Corvallis. 
  • Two workshop offerings: Introduction to R (Michelle Jones) and Technical Writing (Dr. David Noakes) 
  • Technical Sessions: Anti-Fragile, Quantitative Applications, Fisheries Economics. Fisheries Art, Pink and Chum Salmon, Advances in Telemetry, Professional Skills, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Human Dimensions; Native Fish; Hatchery Research and Innovations;  Marine Fisheries,  Genetics in Fish Management and many more!


Schedule at a Glance

Sessions at a Glance

Technical Program



The 2020 Annual Meeting Program will include: presentations on innovative and engaging scientific research, opportunities to share experience and knowledge, networking opportunities to build relationships with colleagues, workshops to help hone your technical and communication skills, technical sessions and posters to stimulate the mind, trade show vendors presenting the latest tools and technology, student-mentor events to prepare the next generation, and of course our legendary social events that tie us all together.

Your suggestions and assistance are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact Program Chair Peter Stevens (971.673.6025) for more information.

Meeting code of conduct.