Certification Scholarships

AFS Professional Certification Program

A fisheries professional is an individual with specialized education in the sciences and technologies involving the structure, dynamics, and interactions of habitat, aquatic organisms, and humans. Although areas of specialization may be varied, the individual’s professional responsibilities must involve fish.

Certification is widely practiced by the professions as one means of setting standards and guidelines for professional recognition. It serves to upgrade the professional image and is a mark of accomplishment.

Certification also is a mechanism to demonstrate responsible peer evaluation. The specific objectives of certification are as follows: (1) to provide governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations, private firms, courts, and the general public with a definitive minimum standard of experience and education for fisheries professionals; and (2) to foster broader recognition of fisheries professionals as well-educated and experienced, acting in the best interest of the public.

Certification Description

Two tiers of certification are available. An applicant who satisfies course work and degree (minimum of B.S. or B.A.) requirements but has insufficient or no experience may become an Associate Fisheries Professional (AFP). An applicant who satisfies course work and degree requirements and has a specific number of years of qualifying experience and a specific number of professional development quality points (PDQPs) may become a Certified Fisheries Professional (CFP).

More information on certification requirements and the benefits of certification can be found at the American Fisheries Society’s certification webpage or at fisheries.org.

How much does it cost to apply?

The cost is $100 for Certified Fisheries Professional applications. The cost is $50 For Associate Fisheries Professional (FP-A) applications, upgrading from an FP-A to a FP-C, and FP-C renewals.

ORAFS Member Scholarships

Three scholarships are offered each year for those applying for certification. To apply for a certification scholarship, send a letter to President@orafs.org. The letter should include which certification you are applying for, your reasons for seeking certification, and how you expect certification to benefit you. There is no application deadline to ORAFS.