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Our mission is to improve the conservation and sustainability of Oregon fishery resources and their aquatic ecosystems for long-term public benefit by advancing science, education and public discourse concerning fisheries and aquatic science and by promoting the development of fisheries professionals.
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In celebration of World Fish Migration Day on May 21st, we are hosting a virtual event! For 30 days we will provide access to the Fish Passage presentations from the 2022 ORAFS Annual Meeting.  Click the images below to watch!


ORAFS 2022 Fish Passage Abstracts


Adult Pacific Lamprey Passage at Road Crossings: Guidelines for Evaluating and Providing Passage: Abel Brumo, Stillwater Sciences
Expanding the Southeast Aquatic Barrier Prioritization Tool: Assessing Aquatic Fragmentation in the Western United States: Kathleen Hoenke
State of Oregon Fish Passage Design Rules - Revision Update: Greg Apke, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Stream road crossings in the Pacific Northwest – what’s missing and how to find it: Emily Heaston, USGS, Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
Salmon SuperHwy – Reconnecting Fish Habitat and Communities at a Landscape Scale: Sarah Zwissler, Trout Unlimited
Lessons from Reuniting an Old Growth Drainage: North Creek Aquatic Passage Project: Leah Tai, US Forest Service
Whiskey Creek Culvert Replacement: Christian Jilek, ODOT
Early Predication Method for Native Migratory Fish Presence at Small Culverts: Courtney Zambory, ODFW