Technical Sessions


American Fisheries Society


Bend, Oregon  

March 3-6, 2020

Technical Sessions (March 4 -6, 2020)

Oral presentations and poster presentations will address topics from across all disciplines of fisheries that are relevant to Oregon.  Presentations should succinctly describe your subject and stimulate discussion among your colleagues.  To get a presentation scheduled at the meeting, you must submit an abstract online by DECEMBER 15, 2020

Please note: All presenters and moderators will be asked to register for the meeting (1-day registration at minimum). 

Posters are written, self-explanatory presentations that must fit within a 4×4 ft space (provided).  They should be readable from a distance of 3 ft, include your contact information, and may be enhanced with photos and handouts.  They will be on display throughout the meeting and featured during our Poster Social on Wednesday evening at which the lead author is expected to be present for discussions and questions regarding their research. 

Oral Presentations take two formats.  The first is the traditional 15-minute presentations (provided on a flash drive) and delivered live and in-person, with allowances of 5-minutes for questions and speaker changes (hence papers are scheduled at 20-minute intervals).  These traditional presentations will be grouped into sessions according to general topics to facilitate dialogue.  The second format is the speed presentation.  Presenters in a special speed talk session will have a total of 7 minutes and can choose between a 5-6 minute talk with time for questions, or a 7 minute talk, with 20 slides at 20 seconds per slide and no questions.  The speed talk format is attractive because it fuses simplicity with brevity, enabling presenters to focus on a few messages and cover material rapidly and efficiently.  This format will foster information retention in the audience.  Those interested in particular questions of presenters can find them after the session.  More information on the 7 minute, PechaKucha format is available here:; and

Moderating a session means providing a laptop computer, gathering and uploading presentations prior to the session, providing a brief introduction for each speaker, moderating questions, and most importantly keeping the presentations strictly on schedule.  A student volunteer or hotel staff may be available to assist with A-V and lights in each session.

Students:  The program committee is actively looking for student research to incorporate within our technical sessions.  Please contact program chair Ivan Arismendi or Maryam Kamran if interested. Please see the score sheet for student presentations if you are a student presenter interested in competing for the “Best Student Paper / Poster” awards, or if you are judging student presentations.

Questions?  Contact Program Chair Peter Stevens (971.673.6025).