Award Nominations


American Fisheries Society


Bend, Oregon  

March 3-6, 2020

Award Nominations

You know who these people are…the hardworking peer, the inspirational mentor, the energetic teacher, the partner from another agency, the private landowner who worked so hard to do that great habitat work, or the team who overcame great obstacles to accomplish something unique.   Now is a great time to start putting your thoughts on paper so you will have plenty of time to refine your nomination before the due date of December 31, 2019.

For all awards except Broken Oar, you should indicate how the nominee’s efforts are above and beyond their regular job.  All awards are discretionary- none are required to be given each year.

To submit a nomination, please submit a completed nomination form online or via email to Awards Chair Colleen Fagan.

Submit an Award Nomination Online

Descriptions of the criteria of each award are listed below.  To find suggestions about how to write nominations, visit: or contact the Awards Chair, Colleen Fagan.

Lifetime Achievement Award
For those people who go above and beyond year after year.  This highly prestigious award should go to an individual who has made a substantial lifetime contribution to fisheries.  Substantial lifetime contributions to the American Fisheries Society and/or Oregon Chapter are also recommended.  This individual should have actively participated in other conservation, professional, or social organizations that promote sound fisheries and resource management practices.  They must be a member of the AFS Parent Society as well as the Oregon Chapter.  This award will be presented to a maximum of one person per year.

Fishery Worker of the Year
This is one of the Chapter’s highest individual awards for fisheries professionals.  Nominees must be AFS members in good standing who are responsible for substantial single or sustained accomplishments above and beyond their regular job, often spanning many years. Nominations should indicate how efforts are related to the goals of guiding and influencing sound resource practices.

Fishery Team of the Year
This award recognizes outstanding teams that merit acknowledgement for excellent work beyond an Award of Merit. The stringent award criteria are similar to the Fishery Worker of the Year, but for team efforts. This award recognizes collaborative efforts to understand and manage fisheries resources, and that these efforts frequently cross geographic, disciplinary and socioeconomic boundaries.  At least one nominee of the team must be an AFS member in good standing. The team or group must have been responsible for substantial single or sustained accomplishments. Each member of the team nominated must have produced a substantial portion of the work. Nominations should indicate how they are related to the goals of guiding or influencing sound resource practices. To demonstrate equivalent contributions, describe substantive contributions of each member of the team.

Award of Merit
This award recognizes individuals, groups, or organizations that have made special contributions, above and beyond normal job requirements, to fisheries science or the American Fisheries Society over one or more years. Successful nominees display evidence of creativity, cooperation and results. Nominees do not need to be AFS members. 

Bill Wingfield Memorial Award in Fish Culture
Nominees should be individuals or groups that have contributed significantly to advancing fish culture (including fish health) in Oregon. AFS members or non-members may be nominated.

Broken Oar Award
Everyone’s favorite award, and just for fun, the Broken Oar Award is presented for “outstanding display of field technique and coordination”. No doubt you already have some nominees in mind from this year’s field season! AFS members or non-members may be nominated.

NOMINATION DEADLINE IS: December 31, 2019.