Fish Out of Water Waiver


American Fisheries Society


Bend, Oregon  

March 3-6, 2020

Fish Out of Water Registration

Once in a while, even strong fish encounter obstacles, or just run out of water. And the young face plenty of challenges navigating flow changes, currents, and competition while growing into adult habits and habitats. Biologists can relate, yet the hard times are also the best times for a fishery professional to attend the annual meeting and immerse yourself in an ocean of opportunity for contacts, knowledge, jobs, and careers.

To assist those “fish out of water” facing financial hardships, the Chapter offers opportunities for reduced registration ($50) to the Annual Meeting and/or a related workshop.  The goal of these waivers is to promote membership and development of fisheries professionals who are facing temporary financial challenges, especially during transitional times such as post-graduation, between jobs, or while immersed in unfunded professional endeavors.  Selection criteria will include apparent financial need, dedication to profession (including AFS membership and service), and available space at the meeting and/or workshop.  Waivers are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those who the meet minimum selection criteria.

To apply, email the following materials to the ORAFS Treasurer:

  • Resume and contact info;
  • AFS membership number (if a member, helpful but not required);
  • Brief summary of why you currently need financial assistance;
  • Brief summary of what you will do at the meeting and/or workshop to further your career (e.g. network, present, assist if needed);
  • And if employed, a message from your employer indicating why they will not pay your registration fee.

Those selected must register online and will receive instructions on how to register at the reduced rate. Besides the waiver, we can assist in locating other registrants for ride-sharing and room-sharing opportunities.