The NW Fish Culture Conference Scholarship

The NW Fish Culture Conference Student Scholarship
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The Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society is encouraging hatchery managers and instructors to nominate hatchery technicians and students in an aquaculture program for a scholarship to attend the 2012 Northwest Fish Culture Conference, December 11-13 in Portland, Oregon (

There are two $500 scholarships available — one for a non-student hatchery technician, and one for a student in an aquaculture-related program. They can be used for any costs related to the conference (registration, travel, lodging, etc.).

Nominations should include:

  1. Name and contact information of the nominee and nominator
  2. AFS membership number of nominee (if a member)
  3. Brief description of the nominee’s recent school and/or work experience
  4. Expected career benefits from attending the NWFCC

Nominations will be evaluated by the ORAFS Aquaculture Committee and ExCom.  Priority will be given to AFS members, and non-members will be encouraged to use a portion of the scholarship to join AFS.

Recipients will be notified via email by Nov 09.

Winners are encouraged to submit a summary of their trip to the Piscatorial Press, and also attend our OR Chapter AFS Annual Meeting Feb. 23-25, 2013 in Bend, OR, where we will have a session highlighting aquaculture advances.