Broken Oar Recipients

2023Joseph Feldhaus and Fred Drascic
2022Peter Stevens
2021Not Awarded
2020Not Awarded
2019Sam Moyers, Chris Sheely, and Rich Grost
2018ODFW’s Diamond Lake summer field crew
2017Not Awarded
2016Not Awarded
2015Not Awarded
2014Not Awarded
2013Brian Alfonse
2012Adam Storch
2011Jeremy Romber, Fred Monzyk, and Mike Hogansen
2010Don Ratliff and Jim Bartlett
2009Tim Shibahara
2008Eric Schulz
2007Martyne Reesman
2006Not Awarded
2005Dan Domina
2004Jen Stone
2003Dave Ward
2002Not Awarded
2001Terry Shrader, Tim Walters, and Jeff Zakel
2000Kin Daily
1999Tom Nelson
1998Ray Perkins
1997Mike (Mikey) Flesher
1996Linda Prendergast
1995Brian Lampman
1994Chuti Ridgley
1993Art Oakley
1992Mike Riehle
1991Dave Buchanan and Phil Howell
1990Mark Wade
1989Terry Luther
1988Jim Martin
1987Jim (Hutch, Ace) Hutchison
1986Pat Keeley
1985Don Ratliff
1984Jeff Ziller
1983Dave Buchanan, Jim Lichatowich, and Jay Nicholas
1982Wernald (Chris) Christianson
1981Phil Howell and Steve Trask