2018 Annual Meeting


Eugene, Oregon March 13-16, 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting marks the 54th anniversary of the Oregon Chapter American Fisheries Society. The theme of the program is “Research and Management in a Changing Climate.”  The vision of the meeting is to:

  1. Discuss the state of climate change science as it relates to fisheries research and management;
  2. Consider how changes in socio-economic or political climates affect how fisheries science is conducted and communicated, particularly with emphasis on the human dimension of management and the role of advocacy;
  3. Explore diverse fisheries sessions, including topics such as: climate science, life history portfolios, diversity and inclusion and films related to fisheries.
  4. Encourage networking between fisheries managers and researchers to promote increased collaboration on research to support adaptive management, and to facilitate data exchange.


The 2018 Annual Meeting Program will include: presentations on cutting-edge scientific research, opportunities to share experience and knowledge, networking opportunities to build relationships with colleagues, workshops to help hone your biological, technical and communication skills, technical sessions and posters to entice the mind, trade show vendors presenting the latest tools and technology to answer the hard questions of today, student-mentor events to inspire the next generation, and of course our legendary social events that tie us all together.

Technical Program

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Sessions at a Glance

Annual Meeting Abstracts

Your suggestions and assistance are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact Program Co-Chairs Kristen Homel (971-673-0578) or Natalie Scheibel (971- 230-8247) for more information.