2014 Fish Culture or Hatchery Assessment Student Scholarship

Due to the overwhelming success of the 2013 Northwest Fish Culture Conference in Portland, the meeting organizers, with the Oregon Chapter American Fisheries Society, are offering a one-time $2,000 scholarship to a fish culture student.  Any student from a northwestern state is eligible to apply.   This scholarship is intended to help fund student education costs or else research costs for a student focusing on hatchery fisheries assessment or hatchery management.  One scholarship of $2,000 will be issued to the best suited applicant at the 2014 annual OR-AFS meeting in Eugene, Oregon.


    1. Applicant must be enrolled in or have been accepted for admission into a degree program.
    2. Applicant’s major field of study must be relevant to fish culture or fisheries science.
    3. Applicant must not have been awarded the same Oregon Chapter AFS Scholarship in the previous year.


    • Commitment to attend the upcoming OR-AFS Annual Meeting to receive award, if selected (scholarship funds can be used to defray meeting costs and future AFS membership fees).
    • Provide a 1-page “Fishery Feature” to the Piscatorial Press relating to your use of scholarship funds and/or fishery experiences during the scholarship year.


 Submit a 1-2 page essay describing how your academic and professional development has and/or will contribute to the objectives of:

    • Advancing the conservation, development, and appropriate use of fisheries resources;
    • Promoting the development and advancement of fish culture and innovative culture practices;
    • Gathering, interpreting, and disseminating scientific and technical information about hatchery stock assessment.

You are encouraged to include undergraduate and graduate experience or research, along with volunteer and work experience to demonstrate the relevance of your professional development to the objectives of AFS.

Essays may also describe any grants, honors, or awards you have earned; or the influence of a class project or how you think your future contribution to fisheries science issues will promote the objectives of AFS. Essays will be judged based on the ability to communicate your ideas in writing and how well your goals and experience align with the objectives of AFS.

Preference may be given to students who are members of a student, state, or national American Fisheries Society.  Students from any northwest state may apply for this scholarship.

Applications must be received by: December 31, 2013.  Please submit all application materials to: Ryan.b.couture@state.or.us, 541-487-5510 ext.110